Warranty Policy


All our products have a 12 month Manufacturers Warranty



This would apply to the Aquajet Dive H2, SPARE BATTERIES & THE H3 HOVER ARK WATER RESCUE DEVICE

Firstly, we would like to reassure you that we have never had a product to date returned to us for any reason but in the unlikely event that this should happen please note the following applies and forms part of our terms of service:

(a) Product arrives damaged in transit: Please contact us immediately – [email protected] and we will arrange a solution including replacing the item at our cost and arranging the return of the damaged item at our cost. You are 100% covered.

(b) Faulty products received, please contact us immediately at [email protected] and we will arrange an exchange, repair or replacement at our cost. We have a network of distributors and service centres worldwide who are happy to keep you happy. Please leave that to us. We guarantee you 100% customer satisfaction.

(c) Problems with products during the Warranty: Should damage or the fault occur as no fault of the company but by yourself (the purchaser and user), immediately contact us and we will arrange a replacement part to be sent to you at your cost or the item or faulty part sent in for repair. The beauty of our products, particularly the Aquajet Dive H2, is that it is very much modular in design so for example, should you damage a wing on the Aquajet Dive H2, we will just send you a new wing to be fitted, there is very little that can go wrong without a very easy solution so please do not worry.

(d) Problems with products during the Warranty: Should the damage or the fault occur as no fault by yourself but a factory fault (the purchaser and user), immediately contact us and we will cover all costs, arrange the best solution to the problem (Repair, replacement etc.) and give you further instruction of exactly what to do. Please do not be concerned, we have your back all the way and promise you 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We will at our cost come to a full solution to your problem.

(e) Should a product be sent back to us under the above section (d), and it is established by our technicians that the problem was not caused by a factory fault, we will contact you and resolve the problem from there on but again please be assured of the greatest customer service in any event.


The Products functionalities are standard and it is incumbent on the Client to check that these effectively meet its requirements both in terms of functionality and performance. TAKUMA guarantees that the Product complies with the functional specifications published by Aqua Surf Craft. The Client will benefit from the legal guarantees of conformity and from the legal warranty against latent defects of the Product. The TAKUMA guarantee is strictly limited to the replacement and/or repair of the Product, or, as a minimum, reimbursement of the amount paid by the Client for the defective Products. These must be returned to TAKUMA in their complete and original packaging within a reasonable time frame, at the Client’s exclusive expense and accompanied by a full report detailing the problems encountered, unless agreed otherwise. Product samples and loans and Products that become defective due to the Client are not covered by this guarantee, nor is anything that results from negligence and/or abnormal use by the Client. Any defect caused by insufficient quality of electrical grid will not be covered by the guarantee (e.g. overvoltage, parasitic elements, …). Throughout the duration of the guarantee, TAKUMA reserves the right, if required, to send a reconditioned product as a replacement for a defective piece of equipment. TAKUMA only guarantees its Products against manufacturing defects. Any defect relating to improper use or storage, impact, or software that does not correctly utilise the functions of TAKUMA equipment is not covered by the guarantee. In order to operate the product correctly and avoid damage, serious injury or death, it is essential to read and follow all the instructions and warnings in the User’s Guide prior to assembly, set up or use.


The Awake warranty only applies to products delivered by Awake and exists only towards the customer of Awake. Awake Board customers introduced by Aqua Surf craft will work together with AWAKE BOARDS as they will be looking after you during the manufacture and order process through to delivery and returns. The warranty covers any manufacturing defects or defects in materials from the invoicing date and where such products are used under normal operating and maintenance conditions for a period of 12 months for all products.

To invoke the provisions of the warranty, the customer must notify Awake, in writing and within the above stated warranty period, of the defects allegedly found in the products and provide proof thereof. The customer must facilitate the assessment of these defects. The customer shall not, without the prior written consent of Awake, carry out any repair or removal himself or arrange for doing so by a third party.

Under the terms of warranty Awake may, at its sole discretion, choose whether to supply new products (of the same type if still available), repair or replace the products, ex works, all the products covered by the warranty and found to be defective by Awake. Awake shall not be liable to pay any compensation for any reason whatsoever and in particular for any loss or damage of any kind (physical, material or financial loss in relation to the [allegedly] defective products, loss of business, loss of revenue or loss of reputation, etc.)

Repairs or replacements made under the terms of warranty shall not extend the warranty period. Parts replaced during the warranty period shall be returned to Awake and shall become property of Awake.

Awake excludes all liability for and the warranty shall not cover any defects (and any damage whatsoever arising therefrom) resulting from

■ any assembly or installation or use of the products that does not comply with Awake’s instructions or specifications (documentation, operating and assembly instructions, special recommendations, etc.) or professional standards,

■ abnormal use of the products, defective or unsuitable maintenance, negligence or any use other than the use for which the products were intended,

■ materials supplied (or design imposed) by the customer, or from servicing or maintenance performed on the products by third parties not expressly authorized by Awake;

■ acts of God or force majeure as well as defects and consequences thereof resulting from normal wear and tear of the Product,

Awake shall not be liable for any warranty other than listed above.


In any of the above cases, please can you send us a detailed description of the problem, photographs would help, and any other information would help so we can best service you. Please send to [email protected]


Questions about the Warranty Policy should be sent to us at [email protected] or [email protected] or via our contact form.

Telephone us on the below numbers and if we are closed at the time please leave a contact number and your query and we will contact you as soon as we pick up your message:

UK & WORLDWIDE – +44 79 490 48 609

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