Warranty Policy


All our products have a 12 month Manufacturers Warranty


1) PRODUCTS – H2 & H3

This would apply to the Aquajet Dive H2, H2 Batteries, Hover Ark H3 and all spare parts

Firstly, we would like to reassure you that we have never had a product to date returned to us for any reason but in the unlikely event that this should happen please note the following applies and forms part of our terms of service:

(a) Product arrives damaged in transit: Please contact us immediately – returns@aquasurfcraft.com and we will arrange a solution including replacing the item at our cost and arranging the return of the damaged item at our cost. You are 100% covered.

(b) Faulty products received, please contact us immediately at returns@aquasurfcraft.com and we will arrange an exchange, repair or replacement at our cost. We have a network of distributors and service centres worldwide who are happy to keep you happy. Please leave that to us. We guarantee you 100% customer satisfaction.

(c) Problems with products during the Warranty: Should damage or the fault occur as no fault of the company but by yourself (the purchaser and user), immediately contact us and we will arrange a replacement part to be sent to you at your cost or the item or faulty part sent in for repair. The beauty of our products, particularly the Aquajet Dive H2, is that it is very much modular in design so for example, should you damage a wing on the Aquajet Dive H2, we will just send you a new wing to be fitted, there is very little that can go wrong without a very easy solution so please do not worry.

(d) Problems with products during the Warranty: Should the damage or the fault occur as no fault by yourself but a factory fault (the purchaser and user), immediately contact us and we will cover all costs, arrange the best solution to the problem (Repair, replacement etc.) and give you further instruction of exactly what to do. Please do not be concerned, we have your back all the way and promise you 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We will at our cost come to a full solution to your problem.

(e) Should a product be sent back to us under the above section (d), and it is established by our technicians that the problem was not caused by a factory fault, we will contact you and resolve the problem from there on but again please be assured of the greatest customer service in any event.


In any of the above cases, please can you send us a detailed description of the problem, photographs would help, and any other information would help so we can best service you. Please send to brian.macpherson@hoverstar.com  or team@aquasurfcraft.com


Please may we assure all Customers, Dealers and Distributors that we will respect and honor all problems you may have. That is our pledge to you.


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