Aqua Surf Craft/ Havospark UK introduces the H3-R, our new, improved device now with reverse functionality (R) Hover Ark Robotic Rescue device with integrated remote tracking technology. Reduce rescuer stress and fatigue with this innovative water rescue assistant, which acts like a Robotic Lifeguard. The H3 Rescues at life-saving speeds and remote operation features puts itself ahead of the game! The H3-R Hover Ark powers through stormy waters, calm bays, and rips through rivers, right side up or upside down. See our full demonstration below.

The Hover Ark H3 has now upgraded to the H3-R with reverse functionality. The Award-Winning Hover Ark H3, a 911 Series product. This self-propelled, remote-controlled robotic water rescue device engineered for use in marine and water environments where speed is critical to recovering any drowning casualty quickly, safely, and in any water conditions when the risk to personnel may be high when achieving a Rescue.

At its core, the device is a flotation ring with powerful twin powered motors, allowing it to work even upside down even if flipped over by waves, getting to the target quickly and safely. The ability to control the device through GPS remote-control and a one-touch automatic return home button are welcome additions for worldwide Coastguards, water rescue personnel, Oil and Gas offshore rescue, Cruise liners, Fire and Rescue departments, Defence, Boating owners and operators “man overboard” and Government departments for rescue in floods, and any water rescue crises.

The Hover Ark Rescues good speeds, GPS, and BD guided, and simple remote operation features put itself ahead of the game. The H3-R reaches the victim’s side at an impressive top speed of 20 km/h (12.4 mph). Reduce rescuer stress and fatigue with this innovative water rescue assistant. The Hover ark H3-R can Carry a 200 kg minimum payload, and it can transport 2 to 4 people or a total 200 kg back to shore. The H3-R Rescue device can remotely operate up to an impressive 800 meters Radio controlled GPS/ BD Range. The Hover Ark H3-R reaches the drowning person quickly with a powerful ability to fight through wind and waves. Remotely operated by rescue personnel from a position of safety either onshore or on another vessel, the device reaches the victim, and the drowning person grasps the hand belt, then the operator controls the H3-R to a safety zone. Other changes to the original H3 are a hardened shell for more rugged work and optional waterproof remote control.

You cannot go without one of these life-saving devices. The remote-controlled man overboard (MOB) rescue buoy designed for speedy recovery enables those on board to launch the device without the need to turn the boat around, meaning no time lost at the start of the rescue operation. Coastguards, Fire and rescue, Oil Rig, and other offshore platforms, boats, and ships do not have to launch their rescue craft. It starts to work as soon as it enters the water. The device lets the person being rescued rest and doesn’t put anyone else in danger.
Our current customers include Coastguards, Oil and Gas, Firefighters, Navy, Boat owners, Sailing (Yachts and other craft), Harbour management, Police, Rescue teams, Surfing rescue, water sports centres, Flood rescue management depts, water sports and growing.

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