Aqua Surf Craft is making record sales of the Aquajet Dive H2 at the start of summer 2019. The award-winning Aircraft style design that allows swimmers and divers to fly through the water with ease and the powerful motor has enough thrust to carry up to 4 passengers. So not only is it a professional diving tool but with its ease of use, it is a recreational sea scooter for everyone.

This diver propulsion vehicle uses its winged design for reducing hydrodynamic drag while maintaining balance. This vehicle is “more powerful than any other underwater scooter” and can tow up to four divers at once while battery life of over 100 minutes per charge.
Aqua Surf Craft has reported alarming sales to the USA for Caribbean tour customers, the Maldives and the European Mediterranean market as well as sales spread around the globe in areas where the summer is in season and people are looking to have fun in the water.

For a complete detailed Breakdown of the device with demonstration videos

It features three variable speed settings; which divers can select between via a hand control located on the right wing and throttle on the left wing accelerates users within each of those settings. This water vehicle’s top speed is 9 km/h (5.6 mph), with navigation managed by merely tilting the ‘H2’ from side-to-side, or up-and-down.

The safety features make the device so safe that any able bodied person can use it and its modular component design makes it so easy to repair should the worst happen, for example, should a boat propeller damage one of the wings, a new wing can just be added without any technical repairs, it really is self-maintenance.

The Aquajet Dive H2’s modular component build makes for ease of repair, generally the part can just be replaced at your home.

Technical Specifications:
Maximum Speed: 9 km/h
Three Speed Levels: 3 km/h; 6km/h; 9km/h
Battery: 400Wh, 15Ah Lithium-ion battery
Operating Time: 50 to 100 minutes
Maximum Test Depth: 20 meters
Safe Diving Depth for Beginners: 5 meters
Charging Time: approx.: 2 – 3 hours with AC adapter
Maximum Power: 800W
Voltage: DC 23-29.4V
Cruising Range: 6 km per charge
Size: 106*68*28 cm; 42*27*11 inches
Wingspan: 1.06 meters
Weight (Battery included): 14 kg
Gross Weight (Package & Accessories Included): 20 kg
Input: 100V – 240V AC

Maintenance and Repair Service Centers located in the USA, Australia, Czech Republic, and China, as well as our Worldwide, cooperated distributor network. Just CONTACT AQUA SURF CRAFT for instructions wherever you may be in the world.

Aqua Surf Craft ships the Aquajet Dive H2 Worldwide by Air and Land Courier so it is not to late to get yours now and enjoy the rest of the summer with this Award winning sea scooter.

This is a sea scooter that can perform exactly as expected and you won’t be left disappointed.
We have already seen how usable the sea scooter (Diver propulsion vehicle) is and now we will look at how it rates in some key areas before giving it an overall rating. These are independent consumer ratings:
⦁ Price: 95% – For the level of technology that has gone into the Aquajet Dive H2, it comes at a very reasonable price and one that seems very fair. A sea scooter like this is always going to be investment but with this sea scooter you get a lot for your money. The usability of the Aquajet Dive H2 is very high and it can perform exactly as it should. You also must consider the fact that the sea scooter also has a great level of durability and therefore it’s going to last for a very long time with many years of use.
⦁ Material: 95% – In terms of the casing of this sea scooter, it uses plastic which may seem like a weak material to some, but it is ABS plastic which is incredibly strong. That is going to make the sea scoter able to even cope with crashes and bumps. The overall build quality of the device is very good as all the materials feel solid and secure. The plastic used for the body also helps to cut down on the weight of the flying scooter which is going to help to make it even more durable.
⦁ Design: 100% – The first thing that strikes you about the design of this sea scooter is that it looks incredibly stylish. It has the look of the famous Stealth Bomber aircraft and is going to be able to turn a lot of heads wherever you are. Away from the look of the sea scooter, it is also very well designed in terms of its ease of use and ability to function correctly. It is very stable in the water and experts would have a lot of fun of this, but it is also going to be picked up very quickly by beginners.
⦁ Overall: 97% – This is a very impressive sea scooter and one that picks all the right boxes in terms of what you expect from such a device. With the reasonable price it has, great materials and fantastic design, it’s a sea scooter that comes with a very high rating.

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