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“Whether for recreation on the water or diving below the water, we bring you award-winning new eFoil electric surfboards, sea scooters, water rescue devices, electric surfboards and anything that flies in or on the water.”

Our passion for state-of-the-art water entertainment and rescue devices is what drives us to bring you the best and most innovative and award-winning devices from around the globe to your doorstep.

Our brands include someof the finest in the market for watersport and rescue devices.

E-foil TAKUMA brings us the e-takuma electric efoil surfboard – The first electric efoil surfboard to fly above the water. The e-takuma efoil offers excellent modular design, ease of use for all ages, and eco friendliness.

We are proud to be associated with Awake Boards, the Swedish premium electric surfboard manufacturer who offer their award-winning Awake RÄVIK electric surfboard which can cruise at up to 56 kmh and go from 0 – 50 kmh in a staggering 4 seconds, now that’s fast.

Our partners are all frontrunners in new water sport and rescue products with the best of design and innovation. Aqua surf craft became aware that not all products are available worldwide and pledge to make any product we have, able to be shipped anywhere around the globe. Leave the trouble to use, we will get your product to your door anywhere around the globe.

 Aqua Surf Craft are distributors of Water and Marine Rescue Devices as well as water entertainment devices.

The H3 Hover Ark Remote Controlled Water Rescue Robot is a award-winning creation for water rescue.

The ‘RÄVIK’ – The electric surfboard from the Swedish premium electric watercraft manufacturer ‘Awake’ in Limhamn, Sweden, is redefining high-performance mobility on water. The RÄVIK thrusts riders up to speeds of 56 kph in mere seconds. The board also offers four different power settings to ensure maximum exhilaration and satisfaction for any rider, regardless of age, skills or previous experience.

The E -FOIL TAKUMA brings us the e-takuma electric efoil surfboard. The e-takuma is the first electric foil accessible to the many. As using a foil can seem complicated or dangerous, our conception teams innovate every day to help you enjoy the board experience safely.



UK & WORLDWIDE – +44 20 7313 6986
USA/Canada Toll Free – +1 (888) 558-7758

United Kingdom – Lytchett House, 13 Freeland Park, Wareham Road, Poole, Dorset, BH16 6FA

Maintenance and Repair Service Centers located in the USA, France, Sweden, Australia, Czech Republic, China, as well as our Worldwide, cooperated distributor network. Just contact us for instructions wherever you may be in the world.

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